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2022 Innovative Teacher Classroom Grant Awards

The Moon Area Education Foundation is excited to announce the recipients of the 2022 Innovative Teacher Classroom Grant Awards! MAEF received 14 applications and awarded 12 of the 14. Two were not awarded since all requested grant items were consumable. Total grant monies awarded was $9494.

  • Scott Hilpert, MAMS 5th grade, Edison Coding Robots

  • Lauren Gregg & Amber Graves, Hyde 1st grade STEM bins

  • Katy Temple, MAHS Algebra One, class set rechargeable Graphing Calculators

  • James Petrina, MAHS Integrated Tech, CO2 Car Impulse G3 Race System

  • Barb Rocca, Bon Meade 2nd grade team, Life Cycle and Habitat of a Frog

  • Nicole Falcione, Allard K, Multisensory Learning

  • Carolyn Andrews, Hyde K-4, Ozobots

  • Carolyn Andrews, Allard K-4, Ozobots

  • Cathy Villacis, Allard K-4, Resource Library

  • Sara McMillen, Allard 3rd grade, Reading Intervention

  • Meghan Abbenante, McCormick 1st grade, Making Learning Flexible

Grants in action pictures will be coming soon!
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