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Eaton Corporation & MAEF Grant

Thank you to Ian Finn, who put together a great photo montage of all the parts of the Eaton Corporation and Moon Area Education Foundation grant.

Steam In The Real World: This video shows a number of hands-on stations that were created through a grant provided by the EATON Corporation to Moon Area Middle School.

In addition, MAEF utilized general funds to build on the elementary STEAM programming.

MAEF partnered with Eaton Community Grant, MAMS Tech Ed department (Ian Finn, Scott Hilpert & Mike Hepak) and Elementary library media specialist, Carolyn Andrews, to expand STEAM initiatives for all Moon Area elementary and middle school students through their STEAM classes and/or tech ed.

STEAM in everyday life:

Bee Bots, KEVA planks and Picasso tiles are diverse learning tools now available in each of the five elementary buildings. Lessons with those materials introduce students to programming, coding, design, magnetic principals, problem solving, spatial relationships, creativity and engineering concepts. Middle school students learned how to tackle problems they may encounter in everyday life and how the things they use actually work by completing various challenges at each station. Challenges are meant to demonstrate the important role of STEAM in daily life, foster respect, and build confidence as students learn to manage the components of each project. Students learn the value of teamwork as each member brings a unique skill set to the projects.

Speaking of teamwork, that's exactly what brought these projects to fruition!

Thank you again to Eaton, Ian Finn, Scott Hilpert, Mike Hepak, Carolyn Andrews and all who have supported MAEF's annual events - May Moonlit 5K and January Over the Moon Mixer.


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