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Over $7,800.00 Awarded for Innovative Classroom Grants

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

These grants impacted EVERY building in the District!

Carolyn Andrews: $783.76

KEVA planks & Picasso Tiles for Bon Meade STEAM instruction (K-4)

Kathy O’Malley: $743.28

Kindergarten Word Building for J.A. Allard Elementary (K)

Alicia Schooley & Beth Southwood: $821.85

STEM Builders for the Future for Richard J. Hyde Elementary 3rd grade

Mick Minamyer: $690.00

STEAM Podcasting/Digital Music Creation for 7th grade MAMS

Amanda Neville: $559.30

Developing Independent Tuning for MAMS Orchestra (5-8)

Jason Marko: $969.00

Making Chemistry “Visible” through Spectroscopy for MAHS 9th grade

Vicki Littell: $513.69

Building Social Connections through Tabletop Gaming for MAHS Tabletop Gaming Club (9-12)

Jaime Rea: $855.00

Classroom Instruments that will create, engage & inspire young musicians for Brooks and McCormick Elementary (K-4)

Derek Blyzwick: $1,000.00

Increasing students’ physical activity with pedometers for Brooks and McCormick Elementary (K-4)

Starr Isaac: $957.07

A Classroom for All Capabilities for McCormick Elementary (Kindergarten)



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