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Fall 2019 Innovative Classroom Grant Awardees

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Erin Ruggiero: $500.00

Application of Film Technique; MAHS

Stephanie Fiala: $1,175.00

Bee Bots Branch Out; K-4 Hyde and Allard Elementary Schools

Carolyn Andrews: $456.37

KEVA Planks; K-4 Hyde and Allard Elementary Schools

Bethanie Weigel: $497.66

Become A Published Author; 3rd grade Hyde Elementary

Mary Jo Logelin: $486.66

Flexible Seating; 3rd grade Allard Elementary

Angela Marino, Lisa May & Shannon Yanek: $945.00

Maneuvering the Middle; 7th grade Math MAMS

Adrianne Kamisky: $493.96

Spanish Classroom Library; Spanish 1, 6th thru 8th grades MAMS

Janice Barthen: $1,100.00

Adapted Music-Jumping Jack Theater; 5th-8th grades MAMS


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